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All of our workshops, seminars and trainings are offered on-site at POOR Magazine's classroom on a semester basis.

Professional Development, seminars, lectures, performances and presentations can be conducted as an ongoing series, one day, 60, 90 minute or two hour presentation at your organization, conference, institution, offices, school or event by contacting POOR Magazine.

We also provide private and group consultation on issues of poverty, service provision, media, art, revolutionary development and fundraising. locally and globally, as well as creating short and long term social change and racial justice.

Programs and Seminars

Go to www.poormagazine.orgRegistration and Fees

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute at POOR Magazine offers a variety of classes, workshops and trainings for students, professionals, poverty scholars, youth and more. Please see below for a description of each.

Tuition for the full semester of PeopleSkooL is on a sliding scale from $300 to $1200. Payment plans available. You decide your tuition based on what you can afford and the access it makes possible. Your tuition contribution goes directly to support the tuition of a poverty scholar.

POOR is in fact poor — we are in a constant struggle to stay alive and help our folks thrive without EVER becoming a part of the non–profit industrial complex- the tuition you pay will become a source of support for the Po' Scholar Fund enabling a youth, adult and/or elder poverty scholar to go through the Digital Resistance program/Voces de immigrantes en resistencia program for free.

So one of the first acts of resistance to the myths of Akkkademia is to figure out what you can really afford to pay for the knowledge at a skool rooted in community knowledge, sustainability and care–giving, your thoughtfulness and honesty is in line with POOR's values as an indigenous organizing project and will help sustain revolutionary change for ALL members of yours/ours communities together.

All tuition categories includes an RPMJ reader, mentorship, hands-one training in media and organizing and art.

Please download application form for Poverty Skolaz & Folks with Race, Class or Academic Privilege and email it to: deeandtiny@poormagazine.org and payment online below or mail to POOR Magazine, 2940 16th St., #301, San Francisco, CA94103.

PeopleSkooL tuition

Race, Poverty and Media Justice Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Professional Development Trainings at your organization, school, office or conference are offered all year long by appointment. Fees range from $300–3,000 depending on the length of the presentation, workshop or training. To schedule an event, please fill out the attached contract and email to poor at deeandtiny@poormagazine.org.

This program can be conducted at your school, university, conference center, organization and/or workplace throughout the year. The program or workshop can be one of the listed core seminars or may be customized for your program and audience.

Race, Poverty and Media Justice Programming for professionals and students at POOR Magazine is offered in the Spring, Summer & Fall at POOR's community classroom in San Francisco.

The RPM&J program for students and professionals includes all of POOR's core seminars, as well as an internship where you can attain hands-on experience in writing, publishing, researching and practicing revolutionary models of media, service provision and organizing with communities of color struggling with poverty locally and globally.

The next class begins September 27th. Classes are limited and fill up quickly! To apply and register fill out the application and email it to deeandtiny@poormagazine.org.

Race, Poverty Media Justice Institute Program Scholarships for Poverty Scholars* Scholarships for youth, adults and elders struggling with poverty are offered all year so poverty scholars can attend the intensive media education programs at POOR Magazine's Community Classrooms at 2940 16th Street #301 in San Francisco. In these classes, students learn media-making skills, revolutionary organizing and advocacy, journalism basics, book publishing and media literacy. (Classes for poverty scholars can also be held offsite at your organization, office or school. See Poverty Scholars page.)

All classes include meals, on-site child education, and stipends for transportation if you are coming from outside of San Francisco to attend classes.

As well, once you have graduated you can apply to be a freelance POOR Magazine Staff writer and/or media organizer and you will be paid for finished articles. (this program also offered in Spanish)

The next session begins September 27th. Please fill out the enrollment form to register and email it to deeandtiny@poormagazine.org.

If you have children and would like them to participate in our F.A.M.I.L.Y. Project programming (on-site arts and social justice education programming for children 6 months to 14 years of age), please fill out this application and include it with your enrollment form.

Race, Poverty and Media Justice Programming for Youth. These Youth In Media classes and workshops are offered to all youth and are held at POOR's community classroom in San Francisco. In this program, youth learn journalism, media literacy, multimedia skills, reporting and revolutionary media organizing. If you are a youth 14-19 struggling with poverty you can receive a stipend for your time spent in class and on the field reporting. Please fill out the youth enrollment form and email to deeandtiny@poormagazine.org.


Who is considered a great scholar? How is scholarship attained? How is greatness honored? And with what barometer do we measure this canon?

At POOR Magazine we have a radical concept of scholarship: who deserves it, how it is attained, and how it is used. This scholarship has a new canon, with new designations for greatness. Survival itself, through extreme poverty and crisis, houselessness, racism, disability, immigration, and welfare, to name a few, are what you need to qualify for poverty scholarship.

The understood "signs" of scholarship, such as writing, researching, critiquing publishing, require an inherent privilege. These signs afford people an ability to be heard and recognized. Our goals at POOR are to shift that paradigm of exclusion, create revolutionary access and new designations of research, policy creation, journalism, literary and visual art distinction and recognition that reaches beyond linguistic domination, race and class privilege and institutional channels of access.

Leadership, Media and Arts Education for children, youth, families and individuals struggling with poverty